WiFi Design

Velocefi WiFi Designers have many years experience designing customer specific solutions for large enterprise and blue chip customers across different vertical markets .

Our industry knowledge and practical experience combined with an awareness for emerging technologies and trends allow us to advise our customers on solutions that fulfill their business and technical objectives, whilst future-proofing their investment in network infrastructure.

We believe in building strong working relationships with our customers giving them confidence through our experience of complex delivery.

WiFi Network Design, what to consider

A well designed WiFi Network is not limited to RSSI coverage alone. In a lot of cases we see that the service is poorly designed for its specific requirements and problems are exacerbated further down the line by the addition of too many APs which cause more harm than good. A good WiFi design starts at the customer requirements capture stage of the process. This is one of the most important aspects of design and is often overlooked or misunderstood. The introduction of Voice over WiFi services is often the first time a customer realises their current design is not fit for purpose. Velocefi carry out a full user requirement assessment prior to design to capture all the inputs to ensure a design will cover all the essential requiremnts of the business.
Although coverage is essential to provide access for clients, capacity for specific areas and requirements is often overlooked.
Effective Channel Management to avoid over utilised frequencies and band steering should be considered to maximise efficiency in the radio spectrum.
Strategic placement of APs, cell sizes, power levels, client types and device software versions need to be considered for effective roaming as well as post installation verification.
Broadcast Overhead created by too many SSIDs is often an issue in a poorly setup WLAN.
Radio power management is crucial in optimising the RF design. Transmit power levels should reflect your RF design goals and take into account your client device capabilities

Bandwidth, capacity, range, interference and device types are all important design factors when choosing which unlicensed spectrum to operate in.

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